“Hibernation Mode” Circuit; for those days that you’re snowed in at home, a.k.a today!

If you’re like me today….you’re probably one of the many people that are stuck at home and can’t leave the house due to #snowmaggedon number 500 this year. Instead of being bored out of your mind and watching Netflix on your couch all day ( yes you can still do that for most of the day), try this intense circuit which can be done anywhere in your home without any weights or equipment. All you need is focus, motivation, and some BCAAs to help repair your muscles as you push through it. If anyone dares to try this workout today, tag me in your posts and let me know how you do!

Happy Training/Hibernation Day!!

-Natalie K.

Hibernation-Mode Circuit
*3 sets of 15 reps with 30 second-60 second rest in between sets* Only take this rest after all 4 exercises have been completed*. Beginners – make sure that you take it slow and feel free to rest at any time needed.

SUPERSET 1: 15 Tuck jumps and 15 push ups
SUPERSET 2: 15 Squats and 15 mountain climbers (15 per leg)
SUPERSET 3: 15 Tricep dips and 15 glute bridge raises
SUPERSET 4: 15 Jump plank (in plank position on your hands, jump out until your feet are spread apart and then bring them back together in the centre) and 15 Supermans

Take 1-2 minute rest then complete the core circuit below

Six-Pack Sequence
* Complete the exercises below in the order listed x2*
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute plank
1 minute of oblique twists (can add weight or medicine ball if available)
rest for 30-45 seconds
1 minute slow bicycle crunches
1 minute fast bicycle crunches

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