My new found love for circuits

Happy Thursday Fitfam!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

I wanted to share with you all a circuit that i’ve been playing around with for the past few weeks at the gym.  The great thing about circuits are that you can easily customize them to fit your fitness level by playing around with the intensity (increasing/decreasing reps & sets, adding time, weights, etc.) and they can be done anywhere!

Here’s a taste of one circuit that I designed for Tuesday night’s workout that really kicked my butt!  Try it out and don’t send me any hate mail after!! 😉

-Natalie K.

Total Body Conditioning Circuit 

Start: 20-25 minutes on the Stepmill at level 6-8 (you can adjust the intensity based on your fitness level)


Circuit A: (1 set of each drill in order listed)60 jumping jacks 1:30 min wall sit

20 push ups

50 crunches

40 step ups on bench

45 squats

20 tricep dips

2:00 min plank

45 sec high knees

45 alternating lunges

20 push ups and side plank

2:00 min side plank (1:00 min each side)

1-2 minute rest

Circuit B: ( 3-4 sets with a 1 min rest in between sets)15 squat jumps1 min plank

45 sec wall sit

15 push ups

rest: 15 seconds

Side Plank (45 sec each side)

20 squats

25 jumping jacks

20 tricep dips

rest: 15 seconds

25 reverse crunches

25 jumping jacks

20 squats

15 push ups

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  1. This is awesome! Will def try it out! Thanks Nat

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